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『宇宙兄弟』:ますます一般社会意識に浸透! “Space Brothers” continues to permeate the mainstream




Yomiuri Television announced that “Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)”, the animated adaptation of the hit manga about two brothers who dream of becoming astronauts, is to change its broadcast scheduling to the prime time slot of Saturday evenings, just before Detective Conan, a long-running and massively popular family mystery series.

Over the past three years here at Meiji University’s Special Themed Practicum “Constructing the Future Society” course, we have looked at seemingly diverse themes such as “how does the rest of the world view Japan’s pop culture” and “what does the general public in Japan think of space exploration and development?”  Considering these issues, “Space Brothers” and its ever-increasing popularity is a key bridge connecting such topics, and may be pointing to a major shift in the Japanese mainstream understanding of outer space activities.


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